Real Madrid, “Milan fan”, Messi… Mbappé takes stock in the Italian press


Olivier Giroud plays for AC Milan, Kylian Mbappé is a “fan” of the Lombard club. FRANCK FIFE / AFP At the heart of all the attention for the past two…

Real Madrid, “Milan fan”, Messi… Mbappé takes stock in the Italian press

Real Madrid, “Milan fan”, Messi… Mbappé takes stock in the Italian press

Olivier Giroud plays for AC Milan, Kylian Mbappé is a “fan” of the Lombard club. FRANCK FIFE / AFP

At the heart of all the attention for the past two days, the striker of the Blues and Paris-SG gives himself up in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Soap opera Kylian Mbappé, sequel. After two turbulent days against a background of communication war with PSG and one press release sent toAFP in an attempt to ease tensions and clarify his position on his future in Paris, the 24-year-old French international striker confides in our Italian colleagues from Gazzetta dello Sport . The opportunity for him to address hiscondolences to (the) family” of Silvio Berlusconi, disappeared on Monday. “It is a great loss for all of football, he was an emblematic president who built the great Milan that made me dream as a child. I hope the fans will pay him a worthy tribute“, said “KM”, who had already expressed his affection for AC Milan in the past.

On the tone of the joke, on the sidelines of the Fifa-The Best trophy ceremony, he had indeed declared this to a supporter asking him if he could, one day, land in the Italian championship: “If I come, it’s only AC Milan». In fact, Kylian Mbappé feels so close to the Rossonero that he hesitated to salute the fine course of Inter Milan, unfortunate finalist in C1. “As a Milan fan, it’s hard to speak well of Inter“, he breathes.

I didn’t ask to be sold or to go to Real Madrid.

Kylian Mbappe

Bondy’s , however, did not escape questions about Paris Saint-Germain, returning to this famous letter to inform the club of the capital that he will not activate his option for the 2024-25 season. “I didn’t ask to be sold or to go to Real Madrid“, he specifies, confirming remarks made in a tweet published on Tuesday afternoon.We never talked about a renewal with PSG, but I’m happy to stay here next season.“. Except that the Parisian club does not hear it that way and does not plan to leave for next season without extending, at the risk of seeing him leave without transfer compensation in 2024. Either Mbappé returns, or Paris-SG will seek to sell him this summer. Remember that the 24-year-old cannot be sold against his will. He has his hand.

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Regarding Real, we remember that the former Monegasque had already wanted to join Madrid in 2021, encountering the refusal of the club. In 2022, the person concerned, on the other hand, chose Paris rather than Casa Blanca. No doubt Florentino Perez’s club would be the first to come forward if PSG’s all-time top scorer (209 goals) was actually on the market. We imagine that the cadors of the Premier League would also embark on the race for his signature. Even AC Milan? The leaders of the Lombard club would be wrong not to try their luck in view of the messages of affection from Kylian Mbappé…


Still, number 7 returned to Paris Saint-Germain’s 2022-23 season. Dull season. “We knew there were shortcomings that sooner or later we would end up paying for. You have to learn from the mistakes of each season, not repeat each time“, he hammers. A speech he had already made at the start of the season and still after the track exit in Munich, in the round of 16 of C1. One thing is certain: Mbappé is still as ambitious, whether in Blue or in Paris. “We are disappointed, but we have a four-year cycle ahead of ushe says about the France team, beaten in the final of the World Cup. By working well we can do great things in the European Championship, the Nations League or the 2026 World Cup. At PSG there are other club problems, it’s a whole other thinghe squeals.

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This interview is also an opportunity for Mbappé to discuss a subject that is dear to him, his ociation, “Inspired by KM”. “Football for me is pion and work, but what we do with the ociation makes me proud as a man: I don’t just want to collect my salary and stay at home“, he ures, he who also speaks of racism in the stadiums, believing that”complaining is not enoughand that it is appropriate for players to leave the field in the event of abuse. “In 2023, it is no longer necessary for a minority to spoil the pleasure of football. (…) Racism goes beyond football. Even the institutions must change: if they are lax, they facilitate.We need to raise everyone’s awareness.“, he says.

Messi didn’t get the respect he deserved in France.

Kylian Mbappe

Last but not least, Kylian Mbappé evokes the Lionel Messi case. “Not happyduring his two years in Paris and never adopted by the Parc des Princes, to the point of being whistled, the sevenfold Golden Ball left through the back door. “We are talking about potentially the best player in football history. It’s never good news when someone like Messi leaves. Personally, I don’t quite understand why so many people were so relieved that he was gone. He didn’t get the respect he deserved in France. It’s a shame, but that’s how it is. We’ll have to do what we can to replace it.“, he explains, he who judges that it is “a chance“To have been able to play alongside the “Pulga”. For Messi, the future will p – except cataclysm – by Inter Miami. And for Kylian Mbappé? Question still unanswered…

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