on social networks, real estate fascinates Internet users

on social networks, real estate fascinates Internet users

Influencers, ministers and ociations appropriate the popular format of micro-sidewalks where the viewer discovers, during a video, housing or workplaces. “ Excuse me, how many square meters do you reside…

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Influencers, ministers and ociations appropriate the popular format of micro-sidewalks where the viewer discovers, during a video, housing or workplaces.

“ Excuse me, how many square meters do you reside in?asks a voice in a TikTok video. “Over 200,000“replies the interlocutor, who is none other than Bruno Le Maire. With a detached air, as if he had just met the person, the Minister of the Economy agreed to introduce him to the premises. You see, there is even a platform to accommodate a helicopter“, he describes, pointing to the site of Bercy, in Paris, where his offices are located. “The last to land there is Tom Cruise for Mission: Impossible“, he continues. The video in question met with some success, before being deleted by the videographer behind its publication last April.

Far from being new,room tours” Or “tower apartmentdesignate videos presenting apartments or rooms, which have become recurrent on the platform. The hashtag “apartment» is close to a billion views, the one «tower apartment» nearly 100 million, while the term “room tour“, reached 13 billion views. “This success is explained by the possibility of entering exceptional places, there is a strong link with certain real estate series, such as “the agency“, on Netflixwhich deals with prestige goods», Analyzes Stéphanie Laporte, founder of the Otta agency.

Videos on social networks use the codes of these popular reality shows. “Here, the viewer enters the person’s home to see directly how they live“. And questions like “Where do you live?», «are you showing me around?” or “How much is your rent?” to start such a publication, have become daily for Internet users.

In the image, supposedly surprised pers-by, who spontaneously agree to show their homes to “tiktokers” Behind the screen. Since the pandemic, this voyeurism has been growing on social networks. “There are more and more content like this, with vox pops to find out how much the interviewee earns or, for example, if they are going on vacation abroad“, enumerates Stéphanie Laporte.

Last century mansion

Through these productions, very spacious homes or offices are presented by the videographers. If only in the capital, Internet users can visit by proxy the 40 square meter apartment of a complete stranger, in the Montmartre, whose rent amounts to only 600 euros.

Another possibility is the discovery of amanorof 2500 square meters in the heart of the city, at more than a million euros, with ceiling moldings andearly 20th century frescoes“, describes the owner of the building. In total, these videos reach 10 million views. “Thatis part of the goods that have become very “instagrammable” and which make you dream because there is a ”whaou” effect“, insists Sophie Laporte.

The audience is such that the format stands out as a communication tool. Other influencers hijack the concept. Like the Youtuber Natoo who, in a humorous video, caricatures the idea by presenting an apartment that is too small for his own size.

Others, like content creators Richard or Anna Rvr, use it to present their new homes and the ociated decoration, to their subscribers curious to discover the organization.According to the report published in October 2022 by the Abbé Pierre Foundation, co-written with the Paris Region Institute, 1.3 million people would be poorly housed in the region. To give visibility to their study, the ociation then decided to divert the format on TikTok.

In their bus to raise awareness of housing problems, inside which the Foundation has reproduced a slum, a member of the communication team presents the place as if it were his living space. In the image, the dilapidation and the smallness of the false dwelling automatically mark the spirits. “ We wanted to tell the reality of the homes of many French people, especially students and retirees“, explains Hervé Le Bozec, head of digital communication at the Abbé Pierre Foundation.

And the operation works, the video has accumulated more than two million views, 2500 shares and 1500 comments. “ Some people have recognized themselves and the floor has opened up on this subject», notes Hervé Le Bozec, «this allowed us to reach a younger target, uninformed on these subjects, all on an entertainment platform“, he congratulates himself.

The Foundation has also teamed up with the teams of videographer Victor Habchy for a new awareness campaign on Instagram. The content creator, who often films exceptional homes, wanted to “deliver our messages, respecting the person, without mentioning their name and address“, reports the head of digital communication.

In this video, a woman supported by the ociation shows Victor Habchy his 9 square meter home. “ When it rains, the water runs behind my bedshe begins, barely entering her tiny main room. Far from opulence, this very real home has neither ventilation nor collective heating. To the camera, the tenant shows her boxes as insulation and her toilet on the landing. “Used by 30 people“, she specifies. In total, the video has accumulated more than a million views.

“France has around 600,000 slums“recalls Hervé Le Bozec. The Abbé Pierre Foundation intends to continue to use these formats to inform but “with parsimony“, he specifies. The next subject on which the ociation wishes to communicate concerns precariousness eating.

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