“It’s a pleasure for me to accompany them”


After the victory against Greece (1-0) on Monday evening, Didier Deschamps took stock of an extended season for the France team. At the Stade de France His take on the…

“It’s a pleasure for me to accompany them”

“It’s a pleasure for me to accompany them”

After the victory against Greece (1-0) on Monday evening, Didier Deschamps took stock of an extended season for the France team.

At the Stade de France

His take on the June streak

“It’s not a relief, it’s good to have done it (6 points out of 6), it wasn’t often the case. Today was more complicated, even if we did what was necessary to win it. If I have any regrets, it’s not having taken shelter because you never know what’s going on in football. There were decisions that can lead to discussion. In these two matches (Gibraltar and Greece), we could have been more effective, but we have four wins in four matches, nine goals scored and 0 conceded… That’s not why I’m going to lose my requirement. We spent 11 days together, it’s important (for the future).

If he got answers on this rally

“The players give them on the pitch even though we could have scored more goals. They are competitors, the group is younger, less experienced and my players know what they want. We did what was necessary, everything is not perfect, but in content, it’s just the chance-to-goal ratio that should have been higher. The victory tonight is deserved. At least this year in June, we negotiated this period well.

His greatest pride in 2022-2023

“It’s the players, by what they do on the pitch and the solidarity, the state of mind, the mental… There are demands and it’s a pleasure for me to be with them, to accompany them. They are receptive, have all the potential for. With a World Cup season behind, it’s a source of pride for me and I’m always delighted to be in the position I’m in. That’s not why with all the staff, we don’t want to go get things. The qualification objective has not been achieved, but it is very good to have twelve points out of twelve.

His view of the beautiful post-World Cup

“It’s a pride, not a relief. I know very well that with my staff we are useful for something, but the merit should never be taken away from the players. We had to incorporate young and old a year ago, and after the World Cup, there is an increasingly important expectation, but they are there. There is a force that emerges, but the potential is there. It is pure pleasure.”

What he learned this season with the Blues

“I’m always learning things. I am always awake, listening and I spend a lot of time chatting with them. Some have more complicated situations in a club… Obviously it’s the pitch that counts a lot, but this human relationship is very important to me. It is an enrichment. I exchange, but with the requirement too. I don’t always tell them that they are the most beautiful and the best. Composing a group is very important, you have to find a balance. It’s time to start again so that everyone feels good and can express themselves with confidence. Take a look with Dayot Upameco, who is having a great World Cup and before, it hasn’t always been easy. Today, he is more radiant, has more self-confidence. This follow-up, this support is essential in the life of the France team.

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