Emmanuel Macron confirms Elisabeth Borne at Matignon


The sentence is lodged at the very end of the river interview granted by Emmanuel Macron to the daily “La Provence” on the sidelines of his 3 day visit to…

Emmanuel Macron confirms Elisabeth Borne at Matignon

Emmanuel Macron confirms Elisabeth Borne at Matignon

The sentence is lodged at the very end of the river interview granted by Emmanuel Macron to the daily “La Provence” on the sidelines of his 3 day visit to Marseille . She does not shine with her warmth even if he evokes a “determined and courageous” Prime Minister. “She has my confidence since she is at the head of the government,” Emmanuel Macron told the newspaper.

This postcard sent from Marseille is nonetheless a signal that allows Elisabeth Borne to consider continuing her lease at Matignon, at least in the short term. The President of the Republic asks his Prime Minister to present “in the first fifteen days of July” the “new public finance strategy, progress on immigration and ecological planning”. Mid-July corresponds to the end of the “hundred days” period decreed by Emmanuel Macron the day after the pension reform.

Elisabeth Borne can project herself at the time of the arbitrations for the draft budget for 2024, the examination of which in Parliament already promises to be under tension, with threats of a motion of censure from the group Les Républicains. It also activates before the green planning council scheduled for July 5.

Darmanin maneuvering on immigration

On immigration, Gérald Darmanin is maneuvering to try to find a way through with Les Républicains. “The government proposes to resume the text as it had been discussed and amended by the Senate Law Commission”, indicated the Minister of the Interior this weekend to “Figaro”.

The executive returns to its initial strategy: it hopes for a favorable vote from the senatorial majority – made up of the right and the center – to send a clear message to the LR deputies and push them to find a compromise around the text. The game is far from won as the LR deputies are doing of immigration a totem to ert itself in opposition to Emmanuel Macron.

Matignon did not comment on the head of state’s remarks on Monday. In the entourage of Elisabeth Borne, we recall that she is rolling out her roadmap on the priorities set by Emmanuel Macron. No more. “It is hard to see the President of the Republic fire the Prime Minister after having set her roadmap”, underlines a government adviser. In the entourage of Emmanuel Macron, there is talk of a probable maintenance of Elisabeth Borne, without giving a 100% guarantee. “I think she stays and Emmanuel Macron had to relegitimize her,” says a minister.

In the immediate future, Elisabeth Borne is preparing to change chief of staff. The name of Jérôme Marchand-Arvier, former director of Olivier Véran’s cabinet at the Ministry of Health, is circulating insistently to replace Aurélien Rousseau. Matignon made no comment Monday at the end of the day.

François Hollande is moved by the fate of Elisabeth Borne

Since the end of the pension reform, the fate of Elisabeth Borne is subject to all speculation, between those who, in the government, want her to leave and the others. The result is a weakening of the Prime Minister. Even the former President of the Republic François Hollande was moved by his fate. “It’s cruel what’s happening to him,” he said Monday on France 2. “This rumor” of reshuffle, “how long has it been going on?” Three months, six months? There comes a time when you have to make a decision,” he added.

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