Bernard Cazeneuve pleads for a “left without decibels”


He wanted to reconnect with a “left without decibel but with solutions”. Former Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve wanted to open on Saturday June 10 “a path of hope”, seeming…

Bernard Cazeneuve pleads for a “left without decibels”

Bernard Cazeneuve pleads for a “left without decibels”

He wanted to reconnect with a “left without decibel but with solutions”. Former Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve wanted to open on Saturday June 10 “a path of hope”, seeming to take a step closer to a possible presidential candidacy of 2027.

The former interior minister once again denied any personal ambition to the press but, in the Créteil sports hall, his speech took on the tones of a candidate, to the delight of the activists.

The former mayor of Cherbourg left the Socialist Party (PS) after the agreement of the Nupes concluded more than a year ago with La France insoumise, Europe ecology the Greens, communists and socialists. With his movement La Convention, launched last March, he intends to federate left tendencies hostile to this alliance to prevent the arrival of the far right in power.

“It is the life-changing left of government that you seek to revive”, he said in front of about 2,000 people, in the sweltering heat. And facing “those who seem to fear” whether he is a candidate, to launch: “when you have been a candidate 12 times in an election, nothing prevents you from being one 13e time “.

While Olivier Faure, the boss of the PS, estimated during the week that this anti-Nupes left was a dead end, Bernard Cazeneuve retorted to see rather “a wide avenue, not to say a boulevard”.

He ured the room of his ” will “her “stubbornness” and his ” determination “ because “the Nation aspires to another path”. But “It’s a business that requires a lot of energy. It’s a bit as if we had to cross the Himalayas without the mittens »he admitted to the press a little later.

very strict on “strategy of confrontation” developed by La France insoumise for six years, he tackled: “no, sound and fury is not an option for the French”. He also criticized Olivier Faure: “I never thought that in PS, the S stands for sectarian”.

All the anti-Mélenchon left had made an appointment for this first public meeting of his movement, which now has 7,000 members.

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Towards a “political force”

Before a debate on Europe with in particular the former Belgian Prime Minister Elio di Rupo, the former President of the Italian Council Enrico Letta or the former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, François Hollande justified his presence.

The challenge is to be able “to reconstitute the great force of the left that the country needs” but “There is no victory on the left if it is not that force which is first on the left”he said.


” Policy “

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For the Europeans of 2024, Bernard Cazeneuve pleaded, like the former head of state, for a list on the left “resolutely European, which does not confuse dictators with representatives of the free world”.

In the audience, mostly made up of white heads, were the local representatives of La Convention, many socialist personalities such as the former First Secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadelis or the former President of the National embly Claude Bartolone, but also representatives of the left of Macronie, such as Gilles Savary.

The representatives of the Refoundations movement – the anti-Nupes line inside the PS – who are also trying to federate this left of government, were mostly on video. “Together, united, we are the left”exclaimed Guillaume Lacroix, the president of the Radical Left Party, which supports the initiative of Bernard Cazeneuve.

social democracy, “it’s a movement in the making that is starting to become fashionable again”greets Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, who also organized a rally in mid-May.

Bernard Cazeneuve says he is convinced that in the end, all these initiatives will come together. “We need to create the conditions for a large foundation of the left of government so that there is a political force in the perspective of the deadlines that are coming”he explained to Agence France-Presse.

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