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Is it too much to ask for silence to occur when the abominable springs up, for time to settle in to let the emotions come out, and begin to digest…

Immigration: anatomy of a trap |  The echoes

Immigration: anatomy of a trap | The echoes

Is it too much to ask for silence to occur when the abominable springs up, for time to settle in to let the emotions come out, and begin to digest them? Obviously yes. Neither silence nor moment of respite. There terrible attack seriously affecting six people, including four young children, this Thursday at 9:45 a.m. in a quiet park in Annecy, immediately aroused interested political reactions.

He had to be the first to denounce “mive immigration that kills” since the ailant “was dressed in green, wearing a turban” and seemed to be “Syrian asylum seeker”, tweeted Olivier Marleix, boss of the deputies LR. The man was actually in black and called himself a “Christian from Syria”. “There is no apparent terrorist motive,” said the prosecutor. But the race right-majority on immigration urged to hurry. Too much. Eric Zemmour and Jordan Bardella were among them.

Perhaps they will be right in the end, perhaps the drama will reveal flaws in the migratory system and will make those who, on the contrary, wanted to incriminate “violence of society” to better dismiss the divisive subject. Nothing is to be excluded. But only after investigation, with caution, being sure. Nothing is worse for the credibility of political speech than an ertion contradicted by the facts.

There is no more sanctuary

On a completely different ground, Aurore Bergé, the patroness of the Renaissance deputies, was also quick to speak in front of the cameras to call on the embly to show decency in the face of crime, that is to say silence for the coup, when his majority was coming under targeted criticism objections to pensions . The pretext was found.

Then Twitter cooled down a bit, tempers too. Elisabeth Borne on the spot, Nicolas Sarkozy, Marine Le Pen, Laurent Wauquiez, to speak only of them, concentrated on the horror, their thoughts for the families, the courage of the forces of order, “the Nation under the shock”, according to Emmanuel Macron.

How could it be otherwise when any parent can project themselves into what was hitherto unthinkable. It could be you, it could be me. It can be Annecy or any place. In the sanctuary of a children’s park, near the Pont des Amours it is not invented, a stranger armed with a knife can savagely target very small children.

After the shock, we will have to understand, we will have to know why the violence comes so far, in the sphere that we thought was protected by a simple square, we will have to heal wounds and counter this violence. Without flinching. But after. When we will know.

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