Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Man Refuses to Give Up Seat for Pregnant Woman on Subway, Then Elderly Man with a Cane Stands Up

by admin

At that moment, an elderly man with a cane slowly stood up and said to the woman, ‘Dear, please take my seat. You need it more than I do.’

She thanked him and sat down, looking visibly relieved. The old man then turned to the young guy and said in a clear, firm voice, ‘Are you a man, son?’

The younger man looked up, slightly confused, and responded, ‘Yeah.’

The old man retorted, ‘I don’t think so. Just having something between your legs doesn’t make you a man. A real man helps those in need and offers strength and support to those who require it. And as we can all see, you’re not showing us that today.’

The young guy’s face turned red. He didn’t say anything but seemed to think deeply about it.

The subway journey continued, and everyone in the carriage seemed to be silently reflecting on the old man’s words.

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