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14 People Talk About What They Think Are Cults…But Folks Act Like They Aren’t

by admin

Is it just me, or do A LOT of things seem like cults these days? Even though the people who partake in these activities and belong to these groups vehemently deny it

I think I’m right about this one!

So let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this!

1. Shady stuff going on.

“The troubled teen industry.

Youth residential “therapy” programs that are underregulated and rampant with a**se, s**ual a**ault, and children’s d**ths.”

2. Wow.

“Southern Pentecostal Baptist Snake Handlers
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Grew up going to one of these churches. Long drive to a small church hidden in the woods.

They honestly believed only their members were gonna make it to heaven. We saw some crazy stuff in that building.”


3. Addicted.

“The Herbalife company.

Despite being accused of being a pyramid scheme, they continue to function similarly.

There are some people from my childhood who became addicted to it, and they act very much like members of a cult.”

4. Hmmm…

“A lot of my friends and family tell me I’m unknowingly in the cult of Jeep owners.

I mean, it’s a Jeep thing. They wouldn’t understand…”

5. MLMs.

“MLMs, particularly Mary Kay.

I once attended a convention as a consultant’s guest in an effort to persuade me to go.

Very Stepford-like. She also failed to inform me that you were supposed to dress up, so I arrived in jeans and a hoodie.”

6. Get moving!


“45 minutes of exercise followed by 45 hours of talking about your exercise.””

7. College cult.

“Texas A&M.

My mom likes to tell the story about when I visited there as a high school senior. It was a one night sleepover tour.

I h**ed it.

When she came to pick me up the following day I was waiting at the curb, sitting on my packed suitcase.

I hopped immediately into the car and the first thing I said was, “It’s a cult. Let’s get out of here.””

8. Phish people.

“I used to work for Phish fans at a beer bar (craft beer can also be kind of culty, depending who you’re talking to), and observing their behavior was honestly hilarious.

Since it was a bar, I spent a lot of casual time with the owner and all his hippie phish friends. They were a hoot! I teased them all the time about their obsession with Phish and they were always good sports.

These are people in their late 30s/early 40s with disposable income who love a band so much they travel around the country every year to see them! I think it’s sweet! They’ve all been best friends for like 20 years because of their shared love of Phish.

I’m not really into it, at least not when it’s played over a speaker at a bar or party. They did take me to a show, however and got us all floor seats, and I have to say….it was one of the funnest concerts I’ve ever been to!! Based on my experience, most Phish fans are nice, accepting people.


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