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Nancy Pelosi Gets Caught On Camera Doing Something Her Biggest Fans Can’t Explain

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While the entire nation watched President Joe Biden deliver his first State of the Union address, many people missed his words because Nancy Pelosi was being so distracting. Pelosi, who serves as the House Speaker, was assigned a seat directly behind President Biden, which gave the camera a perfect view of Pelosi, 81, throughout the proceedings. Pelosi continued to move around throughout the speech, which sparked some outrage among Democrats and even caused some of her critics to question whether or not she was “on drugs” or “drunk” during the gathering of government officials.

At one point during Biden’s speech, Nancy Pelosi rose from her seat and began rubbing her knuckles together in an apparent display of satisfaction while the president was discussing how soldiers were breathing in toxic air. Social media users were aghast at Pelosi’s behavior because the 81-year-old woman usually maintains her poise. Twitter and other social media platforms were flooded with comments from people across the country as they tried to make sense of Pelosi’s erratic behavior.

“What the hell is the reaction from Nancy Pelosi to Biden talking about soldiers breathing in toxic smoke from burn pits?” one social media user asked on the Twitter platform.

The knuckle-rubbing incident occurred while Biden said, “My administration is providing assistance with job training and housing, and now helping lower-income veterans get VA care debt-free. Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan faced many dangers. One was stationed at bases and breathing in toxic smoke from burn pits.”

The audience applauded at Biden’s announcement, and Pelosi rose from her seat and excitedly rubbed the knuckles of both hands together.


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