Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Sylvester Stallone Won’t Work With Tom Hanks: “He Weirds Me Out”

by admin

“I would have done way better than Danson in Saving Private Ryan,” said the Rocky Star, “But I just couldn’t do it.”

Stallone offered no reason why he gets creeped out by one of America’s most beloved celebrities, so we can only assume it’s because of the accusations from right-wing circles that he eats children with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and All the Senate Democrats.

“That’s pretty likely,” said ALLOD Lead Correspondster Tara Newhole, “They have a really weird obsession with Tom Hanks. It all started with a Q-Anon post about Epstein that nobody can corroborate. As far as we can tell, he may or may not be responsible for assassinating the real JFK in 2004.”

That may seem unlikely because it likely is, but that doesn’t mean as Americans we shouldn’t stay vigilant. God Bless America.

Credits: America’s Last Line Of Defense

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