Emmanuel Macron denounces “irresponsible behavior that kills”


Three young police officers killed in action by a driver under the influence of alcohol and in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, a nurse stabbed to death at the Reims University Hospital… The week…

Emmanuel Macron denounces “irresponsible behavior that kills”

Emmanuel Macron denounces “irresponsible behavior that kills”

Three young police officers killed in action by a driver under the influence of alcohol and in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, a nurse stabbed to death at the Reims University Hospital… The week that is ending has been dark for the agents of public service. She forced Emmanuel Macron to upset his agenda. Instead of going this Thursday to the Var for a trip devoted to ecology, which was to follow the announcements made earlier this week by Elisabeth Borne he opted to preside over a ceremony in Roubaix to pay tribute to the three police officers killed.

The opportunity to pay a vibrant tribute to their commitment and also to denounce “irresponsible behavior that kills”. “At the sight of your three coffins, there is only amazement in the face of injustice and the absurd”, he added from the courtyard of the Roubaix National Police School, where he had closed in September 2021, the “ Beauvau of security which led to the Lopmi, a programming law strengthening the means of the police.


The general climate in France is worrying. To these tragedies of the last days is added the recent resignation of the mayor of Saint-Brévin in Loire-Atlantique. Victim of pressure and a fire in his house following the project of his municipality to move a reception center for asylum seekers he wanted to show, by his resignation, the increasingly unbearable nature of the pressures suffered by local elected officials while denouncing the abandonment of the State.

Elected officials, police, nursing staff, teachers, firefighters, receptionists in public services… no one is spared insults and violence. On Wednesday, during the Council of Ministers, Emmanuel Macron spoke of a form of “decivilization” in the country. “You have to be intractable on the merits. No violence is legitimate, whether verbal or against people. We must work in depth to counter this process of decivilization, ”he said, according to comments reported by “Le Parisien”.

For the Head of State, it is also a way of responding, once again, to attacks from the right and the far right. They regularly accuse him of being in a form of denial of the situation in France and constantly denounce his record in the field of security, and, more generally, on sovereign issues. Despite regularly reaffirmed priorities and successive laws announced or ped, Emmanuel Macron has not succeeded in reversing the trend.

Right and extreme right on the offensive

His remarks, borrowed from the extreme right theorist Renaud Camus, also at the origin of the theme of the “great replacement”, did not fail to react. “I’ve been talking about being savage for years and getting blamed for all the wrongs for doing this. Decivilization is the return to barbarism. In reality, Emmanuel Macron comes once again to prove us right on the observation that we are making, ”responded Marine Le Pen on CNews. She also mentioned a President of the Republic “who wakes up when the situation is already very burdened”.

The Republicans who, at the start of the week, took advantage of the executive’s procrastination on immigration to launch their offensive on this subject by announcing two bills , also reacted. “We are in a process that is ahead of us, the enslavement of society, this hyperviolence. It affects every Frenchman, ”denounced on France 2 the boss of LR senators, Bruno Retailleau.

“Permanent verbal overbidding”

On the left, the President of the Republic is accused of taking up the words of the far right and creating a diversion. “The country does not need a permanent verbal one-upmanship, constantly invented by the President of the Republic. The country needs concrete means for caregivers, for psychiatry, for the police and the gendarmerie. The time is for action and not for a form of semantic diversion that is questionable in terms of ideas and substance, ”denounced on Public Senate the mayor of Nantes and first deputy secretary of the Socialist Party, Johanna Rolland.

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