Victor Perez: “Under non-stop pressure”


“How did you experience this day when you first had to finish your first lap?It’s…

Victor Perez: “Under non-stop pressure”

Victor Perez: “Under non-stop pressure”

“How did you experience this day when you first had to finish your first lap?
It’s true that I started early with a restart at 7 am this morning. Then it goes very quickly. 0n had only 45 minutes of beats between the two parts. It was a second lap with especially more wind. I would have preferred to do 21 holes with less wind and only fifteen yesterday (Thursday) with the wind, it would have been easier (smile). The course is quite difficult, especially with this crosswind. On certain iron shots, with flags on the left, wind from the left, flag on the right, wind from the right, it immediately becomes more difficult to get close to the hole and make birdies.

It’s a USPGA but it feels more like the US Open with this layout.
Yes a little bit. But it’s been two or three years since the PGA took this pattern. I think the USPGA was, unfortunately, seen as a big PGA Tour tournament. A Major with simpler courses. We remember, for example, Jason Day’s victory in 2015 in -20 at Whistling Straits. But since then, they have rectified the situation. In 2021, Phil Mickelson wins at Kiwah in -4. I think this year it’s going to be a bit of the same pattern, especially if the weather gets worse. But it’s a test right away that showcases the big game much more.

Do you prefer this kind of course, this kind of test, than courses without rough, more permissive?
It depends. It is certain that if we are not in the ball, we are immediately punished on a course like that. A slightly less selective layout will allow you to get in a few putts and get away with it. Here, on a hole like the six, if we don’t take the fairway, we make a lay-up and even the third shot is still hard to hit. We are under non-stop pressure but we can also have some birdie opportunities. Today, from time to time, there were two or three flags in bowls and if we managed to make a good shot, we could get close.

Do you come out much more tired on this kind of track?
Yeah, a little bit but we know that. Major weeks are always like that. I think it’s tougher mentally, but there might be a little less frustration than on a slightly easier course where you can play well but putts don’t fall. On a course like this week, as long as we make starts and try to “move forward”, we know that we are putting all the chances on our side. And if all of a sudden we play well for nine holes, we make four or five birdies, we can get back in good position. »

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