Cherki celebrating against a Caio Henrique in great difficulty


TOPS/FLOPS – Rayan Cherki and Alexandre Lacazette made Caio Henrique and Chrislain Matsima dizzy, find…

Cherki celebrating against a Caio Henrique in great difficulty

Cherki celebrating against a Caio Henrique in great difficulty

TOPS/FLOPS – Rayan Cherki and Alexandre Lacazette made Caio Henrique and Chrislain Matsima dizzy, find the Tops / Flops of Lyon-Monaco (3-1).


Cherki, 100th successful

In great shape, the French international hope was at the top technically and not only. At the origin of many decisive actions, how to forget his magic roulette à la Zidane to eliminate Matsima who tackled in the void, and then allow Caqueret to double the bet.

A few minutes later, he erased the disappointment of not scoring for his 100th by finally shaking the net (78th) to complete a high level performance. Certainly one of the best performances of his season, he who had not scored since February 12 in all competitions.

Lacazette, the “General” at the rendezvous

“The General” is still there and there. Scorer (38e) for the Lyon equalizer, he put his team on the right track by scoring his 26e goal of the season in Ligue 1, allowing him to join Kylian Mbappé at the top of the scoring charts. Previously he had also been very good, deflecting perfectly for Tolisso on a chance from Cherki (39e) or even on an action which created itself before the intervention of Nubel (13e).

In the second period he started again at the same pace with a new big opportunity from the head (49e). His superb copy ends with a 5e decisive p of the season for his friend Rayan Cherki on the occasion of the decisive third goal, the one which came to validate the victory.

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Caqueret, the confidence shot for the future?

The Lyon environment is having a very difficult season, far from the level displayed before. However, it is the Caqueret of yesteryear that we had the opportunity to see this Friday evening. Always active in recovery with constant efforts, the young French midfielder was everywhere. And even at the end, of an action that he launched himself. Scorer at the 57e minute, he came to end the festival of Cherki which the latter was unable to conclude, even though he had eliminated three Monegasque defenders to find his friend perfectly, scorer a few minutes later.


Caio Henrique, twice beaten

His failed intervention opened the field for Cherki on Lyon’s second goal leaving Matsima alone against OL number 18 who offered us a delicious roulette before Caqueret’s goal. But that’s not all, since on Les Gones’ third goal, it was the Brazilian who was in a duel with Cherki only falling back before suffering the law of the Franco-Algerian.

Matsima, on the poster

Erased on the roulette wheel of Cherki, Matsima was completely swallowed up by the magic technical gesture of the Lyonnais before the realization of Maxence Caqueret. Add to that the general defensive feverishness of the players of the Rock, the performance of Matsima will not have been satisfactory this evening, like that of his team, in particular since the equalizer of Alexandre Lacazette.

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Lopes, the new mistake

The Lyon goalkeeper did not enter his match in the best way, surprised after 13 seconds by Wissam Ben Yedder. The Monegasque center-forward played his Portuguese counterpart to mischievously obtain a penalty by pushing the ball just in front of him, before transforming it. In the end, his team did well to take the three points but this mistake could have been very expensive.

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