Nanterre wants its share of the Olympic dream

In the series of 1,001 concerns of Paris 2024, there is the case of Nanterre,…

Nanterre wants its share of the Olympic dream

Nanterre wants its share of the Olympic dream

In the series of 1,001 concerns of Paris 2024, there is the case of Nanterre, host city of the events which presents, Thursday evening to local actors, the actions which will be implemented before and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In the summer of 2024, the city will host the racing and para-swimming events as well as the final of the water polo tournament, initially planned in an ephemeral aquatic stadium in Saint-Denis but which, for reasons of economy, has been removed from the site map. The Board of Directors of Paris 2024 thus ratified on September 30, 2020 the landing of the swimming eventspara-swimming and the water polo final in the Racing 92 lair, Paris La Défense Arena.

Yes, but now, the sports hall and shows is located in Nanterre and the city was planning to take advantage of this Olympic exhibition to make itself known and recognized. The miscellaneous left-wing mayor Patrick Jarry wrote to the organizing committee last November to ask that the Arena bear the name of Nanterre since Paris la Défense, which gives it its name for €3 million per year, is a namer and as such title should not appear during the Games as, for example, the Accor Arena will become Arena de Bercy.

But Paris 2024 assured him not since the IOC prohibits naming only for commercial brands that sell goods and services; but Paris La Défense is a public establishment. In a letter sent in mid-December to the mayor of Nanterre Patrick Jarry, Paris 2024 specifies that the IOC “ accepted the retention of the name “Paris La Défense Arena” at the time of approval of the provision contract “. He also points out that “ public information also contributed to Paris 2024’s choice to maintain the designationn” so as not to confuse spectators accustomed to the enclosure.

” The reason for maintaining this designation is closely linked to the discussions relating to the provision of this site and therefore to the economic balance of the agreement reached between Paris 2024 and the Société d’exploitation de l’Arena (SEA) continues Paris 2024 in its response. And even advance that “the maintenance of the trade name could also be extended to other sites […] here again due to the budgetary constraints that are ours ».

Not enough to soften the mayor of Nanterre who met Tony Estanguet, boss of Paris 2024, two weeks ago. And has still not signed the host city contract which was to be initialed in 2022. We are very happy and proud to host the swimming, para-swimming and water polo events, but there is an inequity since Paris La Défense Arena will not change its name. “, we say in the entourage of the chosen one. Facing ” considerable harm “, according to the municipality, in terms of notoriety and economic benefits for Nanterre, the city therefore asks ” compensation “.

The committee emphasizes continue to discuss ” with the leaders of the capital of Hauts-de-Seine and assures that he ” will do everything to promote “their” territory, as for all the host cities of the Games “. To be continued…

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