what the unions are preparing, after an initial mobilization success

The rate of strikers was 77.4% on Thursday, among train drivers. François Bouchon / Le…

The rate of strikers was 77.4% on Thursday, among train drivers. François Bouchon / Le Figaro

DECRYPTION – The representative unions who called for a strike this Thursday against the pension reform have won their mobilization bet. But the hardest part begins for them.

Parisian boulevards black with people, procession between Republic and Nation struggling to move as the crowd was dense, many demonstrators in major cities like Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon or Nantes but also in medium-sized cities such as Pau, Angoulême, Châteauroux, Alès… While they were promised a weak mobilization, the unions congratulated themselves on Thursday for having lowered more than a million French people in the street.

Not to mention that their call for a strike was also widely followed. At the SNCF, only one out of three TGVs circulated, even one out of five depending on the lines, and barely one out of ten TERs on average, while at the RATP the metro traffic was very disrupted. In refineries, CGT TotalEnergies had between 70% and 100% strikers at most of the group’s sites. In teachingthe ministry counted 42% of strikers in the primary and 34% in the secondary, against 65% estimated by the Snes-FSU in colleges and high schools.

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The eight representative unions…

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