Esport – League of Legends: Solary, Vitality and LDLC get off to a strong start in LFL

Team of the week: Solary After five months of a long absence, the French League…

Team of the week: Solary

After five months of a long absence, the French League of League of Legends made a comeback this week. And if most of the favorites had a mixed start, Solary proved more than ever that she was playing for the title. For its revival, the Touraine teamcompletely rebuilt during the off-season around its captain Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi, impressed.

His first meeting against BK ROG was a complete demonstration: powered by an imperial Dawid “Melonik” Sleczka, Solary obliterated their opponent, conceding only one kill to their opponent. The next day, Thursday, the Pole was just as resplendent against BDS Academy and his team again largely dominated the start of the game. This allowed him to sign his second victory of the week and take the lead in the standings (2-0) with Vitality Bee and LDLC OL.

Match of the week: Team GO-Karmine Corp

The organizers had concocted an enticing calendar for this recovery, opposing from the first day, Wednesday, the two favorites for the title: Team GO and the Karmine Corp.. Highly anticipated, the shock turned in favor of the first named, who had a better draftafter half an hour of a lively match, during which Loïc “toucouille” Dubois was able to shine.

Back in France after a year of exile in the United States, the Frenchman proved that he had lost nothing of his level. Very active at the start of the game with his LeBlanc, he allowed his team to get ahead quickly and begin their inexorable march towards victory. But GO was not perfect in its execution and showed some flaws, into which Aegis engulfed itself the next day to inflict on the Ile-de-France club its first defeat of the season. For now, the two ogres of the LFL have the same record (1-1) and let others appropriate the first place.

For the Karmine Corp., this inaugural defeat proved that the team still needed a bit of a run-in. Thursday, against the small thumb IziDream, the most popular team in the league has long been behind, before accelerating at the end of the match. The latter still gave him reason for satisfaction: the two pillars of the team, Lucas “Saken” Fayard and Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet seem to be in good shape. To hope to dominate the Championship, it will now be necessary for the recruits to get up to speed.

Player of the Week: Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev

Two contested matches, two MVP titles, twenty-three kills, only two deaths: Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev could hardly have dreamed of a better LFL recovery. Recruited by Vitality Bee to supervise much less experienced teammates, the Bulgarian showed the way to his team, which won in two trap matches, against Aegis then BK ROG. His association with Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzynski, in particular, has shown particular promise. Thanks to him, the Bees end this first week undefeated and co-leaders of the league (2-0).

But also…

The biggest surprise of the week has come by LDLC OL (2-0). As usual, the two-time defending champion, who nevertheless lost all of his five majors in the offseason, won his first two games, thanks in particular to an imperial Aslan “White” Panglose for his LFL debut. On the side of Aegis, first steps in the league ended in defeat against Vitality. But the young structure recovered superbly the next day, bringing down Team GO to end the first week with a neutral record (1-1).

As expected, the beginnings of IziDream (0-2) were difficult, even if good things were shown against Karmine. Sorely lacking in coordination, BK ROG (0-2) ended the same week on the score, far from the initial ambitions displayed during recruitment, just like BDS Academy (0-2), yet announced on the podium at the end of the season by most forecasters.

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