at LR, the organizational chart of discord

Bruno Retailleau (on the left), on December 11, 2022 in Paris, at the time of…

Bruno Retailleau (on the left), on December 11, 2022 in Paris, at the time of the announcement of the election of Éric Ciotti (on the right) as president of the Les Républicains party. Albert FACELLY/Divergence

STORY – The composition of the new Republican leadership team is causing a stir in the Retailleau camp, which is asking President Ciotti to rebalance the balance at the height of the results of the last internal election.

Warning shot to the right. The beautiful unity defended by Les Républicains as a condition of their survival has taken a hit in the wing. By revealing its organization chart in an interview at Figaro the president, Éric Ciotti, provoked the annoyance of Bruno Retailleau and his supporters.

“Eric Ciotti’s organization chart does not take into account the balances resulting from the ballot. Our agreements are not respected. I regret. Trust is the essential prerequisite for unity”, reacted strongly to the president of the LR group in the Senate. With two grievances: the assertion according to him of a breach of confidence and the regret that the political balances resulting from the last internal election – he had come in second position with more than 46% of the votes – are not respected.

No formal “deal”

Shortly after Éric Ciotti’s victory, in December, Bruno Retailleau had made demands on the winner’s table. “The only thing I ask for today is the respect of those who trusted me”he told the

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