Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA: “Paris is part of the DNA of this League”

“What do these four days in Paris and your return to Europe, three years later,…

“What do these four days in Paris and your return to Europe, three years later, inspire in you?
It’s great to be back. We all remember what happened in the meantime. When we were there, people were starting to wear masks… We hope to have put the pandemic behind us for good. There are not many masks left and Paris is as vibrant as before.

I have fond memories, personally, of 1997, when the McDonalds Open saw the Chicago Bulls play two games here. It’s there that The Last Dancethe documentary, had begun to be shot. Of course, it ended in a title for Michael Jordan and his teammates.

In this sense, Paris is part of the DNA of this team and of the League. Since then, our Championship has been largely internationalized with 120 players out of approximately 450, born outside the USA. The last four MVP accolades have gone to Europeans. All that to say that this match, although I don’t want to compare it to an All-Star Game, is the closest thing to what a European All-Star Game could be.

“We will make the match available all over the world”

Adam Silver on the points record LeBron James is likely to break this season

Now that you are back in Europe, and there have been matches in Japan, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, would you consider full weeks with several matches?
Many of our plans have been put on hold due to the pandemic. But today, we can once again sit down to think about it. We are always looking for new opportunities. There is nothing specific today, but nothing replaces being there, with the fans, the public.

What does the points record mean to you? what will LeBron James probably beat this season ?
I hope young people look up to him and follow his example. His stamina, physically and mentally, the level at which he continues to evolve every night, after so many years, how he takes care of his body. It is remarkable, spectacular.

We will make the match available all over the world. We will probably stop the match to mark the moment, history. But let’s not forget that there will be a match in progress, a team that will want to win against him. We will then plan a larger celebration to match the event. It could be at the All-Star Game.

What do you think of point inflation and offensive performance in the NBA. Are rule changes to rebalance the game possible?
We are monitoring this carefully. But for me, the current level of talent is huge and explains a lot of what we see today. Increasing the number of 3-point shots leads to more scoring. Inside players also shoot… It’s not that the defenses aren’t affected.

At one time, we said that we dunked too much, that we didn’t shoot enough… Today, we would shoot too much (he smiles). Afterwards, we are an open league. And we are always ready to study these questions and adjust accordingly. When we come to Europe, we also work with FIBA ​​to standardize the rules of the game as much as possible, even if they are essentially the same. »

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