The Saintonge War


The Saintonge War was a conflict that took place between the years of 1337 and…

The Saintonge War

The Saintonge War

The Saintonge War was a conflict that took place between the years of 1337 and 1453.

It was fought between the Kingdoms of England and France, with the Kingdom of Scotland supporting England, and the Duchy of Burgundy supporting France. The conflict began when the Kingdom of England attempted to claim the French throne, which resulted in the outbreak of the Hundred Years’ War. The war saw significant changes in how warfare was conducted, as new technologies and tactics were developed and used by both sides. The war ended with the Treaty of Westminster, which recognized the Kingdom of England’s claim to the French throne.

In 1323, the Kingdom of England was at war with the Kingdom of France. The English king, Edward II, had invaded France in an attempt to take control of the French throne. The French king, Charles IV, had died without an heir, and the English king saw this as an opportunity to claim the throne for himself.

The English were successful at first, and they gained control of much of northern France. However, the French people rallied behind their new king, Philip VI, and they began to push the English back.

By 1329, the English had been forced to give up all of their gains in France, and they were once again at war with the French. This time, the conflict was known as the Saintonge War.

The Saintonge War was fought in the province of Saintonge, in southwestern France.

The English had been using the port of La Rochelle as a base of operations, and they were hoping to use it to launch an invasion of France.

The French, led by Jean de Artagnan, attacked La Rochelle in 1337. The English were forced to retreat, and the French took control of the city.

The Saintonge War ended in a French victory, and it was a major blow to the English king. Edward III was forced to sign the Treaty of Brétigny, which recognized French control of much of western France.

The Saintonge War was a significant event in the Hundred Years’ War, and it showed the English that they could not win the war without the support of the people of France.

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