Slovenia without forcing against Saudi Arabia, next opponent of the Blues

Saudi amateurs (none are pros) have not been unworthy but they are too limited in…

Saudi amateurs (none are pros) have not been unworthy but they are too limited in technical quality, in size, like the left winger Al-Abbas (1.69 m, 57 kilos) too, to be able to claim exit from this initial round. Even if the right-back Almuwallad (1.92 m), with an interesting arm, deserves to try his luck in Europe.

Thursday against Slovenia and its host of licensed players in the biggest European Championships (including Ovnicek in Nantes, Dolenec in Limoges and Baznik in Nîmes), Saudi Arabia was left behind after a little less than a quarter of an hour ( 9-3, 13e). Uros Zorman was able to afford a squad review. Hence a final score not really river (33-19). “I’m not happy, we missed too many chances, we should have scored at least 25 goals”, released Jan Pytlick, the coach of the Saudis.

Only one duel in history between the Blues and the Saudis

“We try to build, we are here to learn, gain experience”, is well aware the Danish coach, successor to Didier Dinart, who qualified the selection for this World Cup. “If we play too slowly against a European team, we are quickly punished”, added Pytlick. Jure Dolenec, the Slovenian captain, confided: “It’s always complicated the first match of a World Cup, even if it was a little easier there. But you never know, there is always a bit of stress, it was important to start well. We led from the start. But we know that the hardest part starts now. »

On Saturday, Slovenia will challenge Poland, while Saudi Arabia will take on France. “I don’t want to think about it” joked Pytlick. The only duel dates from the 2003 World Cup, the Blues won (30-23).

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