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WEIßGLUT Konzeptladen // Hohenzollernstr. 8 (Seitenstr. von …

WEIßGLUT Konzeptladen // Hohenzollernstr. 8 (Seitenstr. von ...

I love this time of year as it’s when all the up and coming design trends for the following year are showcased at the design shows. Get my lowdown on colours, materials,: dekoladen , and ideas that we all will be bringing home in 2019.

This time of year is all about design – as interior stylists, editors and journalists take inspiration from the interior design shows that are happening across the world. Each one is filled with the hottest interior trend for the coming year. And 2019 looks like it is going to be a year of changes. Exciting!

Say goodbye to dark walls and hello to green floors. Be inspired by the new take on millennial pink. And discover a sense of well-being as wellness take centre stage in our dekoladen .

Read on for my insider scoop – plus helpful style tricks on how to bring these look to every corner of your home in 2019.

Slowly but surely we are moving away from dark colours on our walls. Designers have picked up on this and have shifted their colour focus to other areas of our home like floors and cabinets.

If you don’t want your space to feel gloomy in tones of black, then instead, try denim shades of blue. Start by painting your furniture in this decoration ideas, then adding navy tiling into your bathroom, the when you are feeling brave enough – dekoladen !

Use pops of mustard yellow, stripped pine & white ceramics to break up the blue tones. Expect to see this decoration ideas starting in Spring and running through to the end of the Summer.

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